Elijah Taylor

I’m an aspiring  screen-writer!


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The Favor
a month ago
As I'm driving down the freeway, I start to feel my eyes weigh heavy. I start to swerve left and right, and within minutes, I realize I am falling asleep at the wheel. I text the closest person that I...
5 months ago
I love when the sun shines down on your skin as the cool breeze chills your skin. It's the perfect combination, not too hot, not too cold. That is one thing I love about summers in Oregon. It almost m...
The Void
5 months ago
Do you know what it feels like to want sex but hate it at the same time? When you crave someone's touch but are freaked by the mere thought of it? I do. I crave intimacy in a very specific manner and ...
5 months ago
Just as I finish writing in my journal the last piece of my thoughts, I close it and lie in bed. Do I feel better? Do I genuinely feel happier? The scary answer is "no". Writing my thoughts doesn't ma...
8 months ago
Downtown is rough, the smell, the people, the trash. As I continue walking, I bump into this man; five foot-nine well built, handsome. He has brown hair and matching eyes and a Tom Ford suit on with a...