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"I am by nature, a dealer in words, and words are the most powerful drug known to humanity." - Rudyard Kipling

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Boyfriend Chronicles: Part 1
5 months ago
My first boyfriend’s name was Marcus. Our story took a lot of twists, and he's the one relationship that has the most history. I wouldn't call this story tragic...I wouldn't even really call it sad. I...
Stupid Does Not Mean Unwanted
6 months ago
The other day, when we talked, I mentioned that I thought relationships were stupid. You responded saying "No, you don't." When I asked why, you said, "Because you want a relationship." Here's the thi...
At You: Things I Love About You
8 months ago
I love your smile. I love seeing it, and especially love being the cause of it. I love it, especially when I can watch the smile grow like when you're realizing something exciting or you've just gotte...