Emily A Dinwiddie

Am a 30+ year experienced script/screenplay/storyline writer. Writing is my passion. I write poetry when my Muse gives it. My guardian burned my creative writings in '87, but I kept going anyway. 

My work is registered with WGA-E.

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Anna's Botanicals (Ep. 10)
12 days ago
FADE IN INT - DAY - ANNA'S SHOPPE (CAMERA POV FROM FRONT LEFT CORNER OF SHOPPE) ANNA is happily mixing herbal blends for sleep, colds, basic wound healing and helping the customers in the shoppe. She ...
Blinded by the Light
12 days ago
The search for one's true mate, loved one, that other piece of their soul that makes them feel complete, can be frustrating, annoying, even maddening. But if one takes the time to work on themselves, ...
Anna's Botanicals (Ep. 9)
2 months ago
EXT - MORNING - GEORGE'S PROPERTY (CAMERA POV ON PROPERTY/CAR/GEORGE) GEORGE pulls up and parks on the road. On the property GEORGE purchased, excavation has started for the driveway and the foundatio...
The Thistle Legacy - Pilot Episode
2 months ago
Copyright (c) 2019 This screenplay may not be used or reproduced for any purpose including educational purposes without the expressed written permission of either of the authors. FADE IN EXT - MORNING...
Anna's Botanicals
2 months ago
FADE IN EXT - MORNING - OUTSIDE THE PUB (CAMERA POV ON SHUTTLE BUS PARKED OUTSIDE) GEORGE has rented a large shuttle bus, parked it, opens the doors and smiles as several of the village residents are ...
Broken Rings
2 months ago
Brianna, an enterprising young lady, pedals her bicycle into the small English village with a purpose. She loved helping people, whether it be with herbs or counseling in the way of hypnotherapy. She ...