Emily Burkard

I've been in love with writing stories since I've been five years old. It's just something I have always enjoyed doing.

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Just to Get Over What We Lost
7 months ago
I wonder if you think about it as I do. Sometimes I swear every moment between us wasn't true. I keep laying in bed thinking about the times between us. I'm tired of you always letting me down. I try ...
Dear Mr. Suitman
a year ago
September 6 was the day I fell for you. I remember our relationship starting as quickly as it ended. We weren't together for very long and yet, you left tracks in my heart. I met you my senior year of...
To The Guy I Thought Would Always Be There
a year ago
Have you ever met someone that you only saw when you walked into a room? A connection so real and pure you thought to yourself, how is this even possible? January 8 was that day for me. January 8 was ...