Erina Kimura

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My Own Reflection of My Breakup
6 months ago
In the beginning of the year, I was unemployed and depending on my ex-boyfriend. We were both in a toxic relationship, and he’s not the only guilty party. I depended on him too much and used my depres...
How to Truly Get over a Breakup
6 months ago
If you’re having trouble getting over a breakup it can really hit you not just mentally/emotionally, but also physically. Love is like a drug, and when you’re going cold turkey you can get withdrawal ...
If You Love Someone, Let Them Go
9 months ago
It’s funny how things can turn out all in your favor; it’s funny how our feelings are just temporary. I got over the breakup situation with my ex but not my feelings of love for him. I saw him for the...
Betrayed by the People I Trusted
9 months ago
It really does suck to be betrayed by people you trusted. You’ve spent so much time with them and created so many memories, but once you’re betrayed it all seems like it wasn’t real. I was betrayed by...
How I Got Over My Breakup
10 months ago
It was really hard in the beginning. I didn’t have a respectful type of breakup where we both spoke honestly. I was cheated on, and I still don’t even know how long it was going on. It was unexpected....