Gisselle Canales

Whenever I go out I wear jeans and a shirt with a cool design. I may be a huge tomboy but I am a sucker for romance.

I love films which is why I want to be a film director. Batman is my favorite superhero, rock and roll music is my favorite.

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My Fighter
5 months ago
I didn't want to, but I had to do it. I got a roommate. I love living alone and the idea of my apartment being my hideout from the whole world. But because I want to work part-time so I can focus on s...
Our Get Away
5 months ago
It was Tom's idea to take ourselves away to the beach to escape from some problems. I couldn't have been happier at that. So, off we went to an island where no one would be able to recognize us and wh...
Something More
6 months ago
I wake up from my peaceful slumber to the small amount of light coming through the curtains. I need to hurry up and get out of here before Tom wakes up. I carefully pry his arms off of my waist then g...
For Me
6 months ago
I wake up to the sunlight hitting me in the face. My head is killing me so I don't dare to move but it's not the only thing that is not allowing me to move. I realize my arms are tied to the headboard...
9 months ago
"You know I'm surprised that you decided to move to Colorado since you love Texas so much." "Hey I love traveling and living in other states. Besides you can't stand the heat and Colorado is as best p...
I'm Here
a year ago
I slam the door to my apartment shut with so much force that I think a picture on my wall fell. "God damnit!" I sit down on my couch and put my hands on my face. "Don't cry, it's not worth it." I'm br...