Gisselle Canales

Whenever I go out I wear jeans and a shirt with a cool design. I may be a huge tomboy but I am a sucker for romance.

I love films which is why I want to be a film director. Batman is my favorite superhero, rock and roll music is my favorite.

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2 months ago
"You know I'm surprised that you decided to move to Colorado since you love Texas so much." "Hey I love traveling and living in other states. Besides you can't stand the heat and Colorado is as best p...
I'm Here
4 months ago
I slam the door to my apartment shut with so much force that I think a picture on my wall fell. "God damnit!" I sit down on my couch and put my hands on my face. "Don't cry, it's not worth it." I'm br...
A Rose for You
4 months ago
Another hard day at work and also another day for sadness to hit me. Because of that is why I'm right now walking in the rain. I walk to my job since my apartment is nearby. Whenever it rains it makes...