Hannah Johnson

Welcome to my journal. All of these articles relate to me being unapologetically me, and learning how to come to terms with the person that I have grown into.

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I'm Needy
3 months ago
Finding a good match, especially in terms of a relationship is hard. Trust me, I've had my fair share of bad relationships, but I've also had good ones. The bad ones were bad for a plethora of reasons...
I’m Worth More Than You Made Me Feel
8 months ago
When we first met, things were amazing. We hung out all the time, we laughed together, and we had fun. I enjoyed every second with you. I was happy again, and I was finally letting myself fall in love...
Thank You for Tearing Me Apart
10 months ago
I thought I had found my forever with you. A future without you became a future I couldn’t imagine, and I was not so secretly already planning our wedding. Everything we did was together, and every de...