Heather Clarke

Wine loving adventurer with a gypsy soul and an artist's heart.  @itsmyfitnessjourney_now

It's in His Kiss
2 months ago
Very little can rival the unbridled virility that is the sexiness of the Brazilian man. The passion, the confidence, the dancing, the kissing... Oh god, the kissing... I have now learned that the Fren...
I Walked Out of My Marriage and Into My Own Life
10 months ago
I never pictured myself alone at 29. I had grand visions of the perfect marriage, the perfect house, the perfect everything. No plans for how to get those things, but I had a vision. I knew what I wan...
It's in the Journey, Not the Destination
10 months ago
This is me, on one of the happiest days of my life. Actually, my happiest day in about three years. I was with one of my favorite humans, about an hour north of Steamboat Springs, CO standing on a mou...