Heather Wilkins

Lover of words with a hope for a future novelist career.

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Getting an Engagement Ring
15 days ago
I have been with the same guy for five years. We met in college. I had just gotten out of a bad relationship with someone when I saw him walking up the stairs to his dorm room on the second floor. I w...
3 months ago
It was probably about a couple of years ago, I was dating some military brat in high school when he got the notion of wanting to do sex in the girl's restroom at my local church. I didn't want to do i...
A Wedding Speech to Claudia & Richard
3 months ago
Richard and Claudia are a couple I met back in July in New York. They were married in a civil service a year or so ago, but Claudia is a devout Catholic and wants to start a family right away so now a...
Why 'Fiancée' Is Uncomfortable to Me
4 months ago
I read an interesting article by Jasmine Litke about how marriages seem to lose importance when more and more people marry, but they are not cut out for the so-called married life. It made me think ab...
Three Strikes Relationships Rule
4 months ago
Because I'm Absolutely Tired of Relationships and Dating
'When You're Married, You're in the Pictures'
4 months ago
I was outside a Catholic church in Flushing, New York, when my boyfriend's mother grabbed me by the arm and led me aside from the group. We just finished Catholic calisthenics, as my father says for a...