J.C. Marie

J.C. is a graduate student who enjoys music, love, and cats.

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A Vegan's Worst Nightmare
6 months ago
Chad and I had met at a vegan café and immediately hit it off. He was smart, charming, and handsome to boot. The fact that he also frequented my favorite vegan café didn't hurt. I have been vegan sinc...
Polyamory Is Not Cheating
a year ago
When I tell people that I am engaged in a polyamorous relationship, I get a wide variety of reactions. Often I hear "what does that mean?" or "I could never do that." However, perhaps most often, peop...
Time To Say Goodbye
a year ago
I met my best friend my freshman year of college. We were part of a larger group of friends who were so close we were practically inseparable. During second semester of that year, two of our friends s...
Let's Talk Pride
a year ago
June is Pride month. Throughout this month I have seen and shared a number of posts celebrating the month and the queer community. However, I have also seen posts against the queer community and sayin...
Working Woman? I'm Good
a year ago
I am a millennial woman. I am a feminist. I have been allowed the chance to attend school and continue my education in college and eventually grad school. I am allowed freedom of choice in all decisio...
Odd One Out
a year ago
My family is very homogenous. They're Catholic's who go to Church every week. They love to watch football and baseball. They are all very extroverted and enjoy going to parties and seeing all of their...