Jacob Harold

I'm a gamer and a poet who's got anger issues, sadness, and anxiety. To put it simply, I'm a volatile cocktail of a person. But stick around, I swear you'll think I'm an okay guy. profile pic downloaded from sound-dream on Tumblr.

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How To Deal with Being Friend Zoned
8 months ago
If you're a normal guy, be it you're a total handsome guy or one of society's rejects like me, you've been friend zoned. If you're really young, not interested in romance, or just plain oblivious to t...
How to Deal with Cheating
a year ago
Having been in multiple relationships, (tqo — it still counts) as per is the norm for a young man, I know both how lovely and stressful relationships can be. Yet the logic is that if the person is wor...