Jae Heide

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The Art of Living Together
9 months ago
I remember when I was nine or 10 and I came home from camp to find that I finally had my own room. I broke down into tears out of pure joy. Finally, after roughly seven years, I wouldn't have to share...
The Art of Communicating as a Couple
9 months ago
You come home from a long day of work, the garbage wasn't taken out, there are dishes everywhere, the entire apartment looks like a bunch of chimps came in just to destroy the place, and it smells so ...
How to Make Someone Not Like You
9 months ago
We've all been there. Someone is crushing on us and we really don't want them to. It just leads to feeling awkward and maybe even ruins a friendship. But how do you get someone to just stop liking you...
Learning Love
a year ago
There are very few things people need to know about me to understand my choices. The most important thing, however, is that I do not think things through before I do them. I am very, "If it feels righ...
a year ago
Dating has never been easy for any generation. There's been prearranged marriages that end up in tragic "Romeo and Juliet" type situations. There's been the chaperoned, "father approved" dates, so tha...