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Question everything, regret nothing. 

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Being a Transman in the Working World
10 months ago
One of the biggest issues I have faced when it comes to starting a new job is contemplating on even asking my employer to go by my preferred name. I have yet to legally change my name, however, my bir...
My Transgender Experience
10 months ago
I was raised in a semi-small town in the North West corner of Georgia. It’s a more conservative town where you are raised on respecting your elders and giving your life to God. Growing up in the Bible...
My Experience with Testosterone
10 months ago
I grew up in a small southern town that was not very accepting of me being transgender. I first moved to Michigan at the end of 2014 in an attempt to free myself of the resentment I faced as a trans m...
7 Things Transmen Are Sick of Hearing
10 months ago
Daily Struggles of a Transgender Man
A Letter to My Abusive "Friend"
10 months ago
To my "friend," Dude you need a wake-up call. You say you are my friend and that you have my back and when all that drama was going on about Ash you told me I was being manipulated and lied to and gas...