Jean-Paul Tibbo

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Friends with Benefits
5 days ago
Friends with benefits. Is it possible to keep a friendship while sleeping with them, or would the emotions continue to evolve? What if you already had a relationship with them in the past? Can you tri...
The Best Date Ever
4 months ago
The article you are about to read is more personal than anything else I have ever had published, but I feel like I need to at least write it out. Is there such a thing as a decent date? Well, I just h...
Casual Dating: Is It a Game?
8 months ago
Casual dating can be tricky. When/where do you draw the line? When does casual dating become a relationship, or when should you call it quits? Life, work, and dating is all a game. There are guideline...
9 months ago
Monogamy, dead or alive? My thoughts and stories about all this monogamy or open relationship bullshit. (Caution: a rambling fluff piece ahead). In the last 15 years, I personally have been in three s...
Good Dates vs. Bad Dates
a year ago
We have all been there at some point or another in our lives. My biggest advice to you is to know when your friend should call you to make up an excuse for you to leave the date as fast as you can. Th...
Five Steps on How to Get Over Your Ex
a year ago
Getting over your ex can be difficult for anyone, and everyone does it differently. These are the five steps I have used in my past to move on, or at least convinced myself I have moved on. You should...