Jessica Bates

I'm a married (usually) mother of 3. I like to write. Here are my words. Feel free to quote them.

How to Not Woo a Woman
9 days ago
The world of dating is tough. Especially online dating. It seems like every time you want a real relationship, everyone else wants a hook-up and every time you want a hook-up, everyone else wants you ...
9 Things to Do Instead of Cheating
12 days ago
Cheating sucks. To be the cheater sucks pretty badly, I’m sure. As Steve said in the Sex and the City movie, “it’s been killing me.” Yeah Steve, I’m sure it has. You probably feel guilty. You’re feeli...
How to Deal With a Break Up on Social Media
14 days ago
Pretty much every single person above the age of 12 has gone through a break up, or at the very least, a rejection. And a large percentage of these people are on social media. We all deal with break u...