Joel Jackson

An aspiring writer, and successful ice cream salesman from Northern Ireland. 

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Only Human
a year ago
Rows were filled with people. Everyone settled into their seats. A few people talked. Not in a rude way. Probably in a respectful way, saying something about George. The first row was sparsely occupie...
Let's Get Political
a year ago
As Millennials I hate generational discussions, so I'm not going to say "as millennials." But as a generation that has grown up with Google, we're connected in a new way. The “weird kid” in town who t...
Kiss The Ones You Love
a year ago
They were all in a line. Twenty-two of them. Twenty-two frogs all sitting, patiently in a neat row is a weird enough sight. Facing them was a boy in a freshly unflatpacked wheelie office chair. He was...