Jose Gabriel

I'm a storyteller in training from Toronto. I like to write about different things that inspire me. As long as I'm creating something that entertains people I'll always be happy with what I do, be it short stories, serials, scripts etc.

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My Assistance Is of Value Part 3
9 months ago
AN: Make sure to read part 1 and part 2 first. The voice has a familiar tone. “Uhh, yeah, hi. It’s me.” “Oh.” Tamara pauses, more at ease now to find out that she is the caller. “Lindsey. What a surpr...
My Assistance Is of Value Part 2
10 months ago
Author's Notes: Be sure to read part 1 here. “It tastes rather dry,” Tamara muses to herself. Taking another bite of her reheated chicken breast from last night's dinner, she notices how the texture a...
My Assistance Is of Value
10 months ago
This is the story of a woman named Tamara. Tamara was like any other single middle-aged woman. She worked an 8-hour job 5 days a week. She prepared her meals for two making sure to leave the extra to ...
If Life Was Like a Game
a year ago
If only life was like a video game. A virtual reality of our own. Free of troubles, free of consequences or punishments. You can be whatever you want. Wanna shoot aliens like a Colonial Marine from sp...