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The Chronicle of Pre-Wedding High to Post-Wedding Blues
5 months ago
Weddings and honeymoons are one of the best things in life. We all know that, and the world makes sure we don’t ever forget that. From the omnipresent advertisements featuring newlyweds beaming with u...
The Difference in Men’s and Women’s Mindsets After Breakup
5 months ago
“Guess what! I swear all my ex are getting hotter after breaking up with me!” I was meeting a guy friend of mine on a Sunday brunch to check on him after learning that he had just called it off with h...
I Rented Myself Out for a Day
7 months ago
How does it feel to “rent” yourself out for a day? What does that even mean? Well, this concept of “renting” myself out was completely outlandish and has never crossed my mind until a month ago where ...
He Paid Her to Break Up with Him
a year ago
“Let’s break up, I’ll pay you 50 grand." This was what he said to her one day out of the blue, after two months of fighting. Well, to be frank, she admits that she used to be a materialistic person. C...
Just an Ex? Or an Old Flame?
a year ago
Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Kourtney K and Scott Disick. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. These couples simply cannot get a clean break from one another and if one happens to be their current partn...
Why Beautiful Women Are Willing to Date Unattractive Men?
a year ago
As much as we love to see beautiful couples, the reality just doesn’t match up. We see good looking guys marrying or getting together with really average girls, but even more frequently, we find avera...