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Sometimes offensive yet mostly sweet.  Always honest and often vulgar.  I'm a wife, MILF, and everyone's homey.  From trends and sex to mom life and fitness, I tell it how it is and not how it should be.

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To All the Men: 5 Things That Women Will Always Appreciate
5 hours ago
This one is for the fellas. For all the giant, adorable man-babies who despite being super strong, intelligent, and kind, can also be clueless, distracted, and insensitive. What??? It's true! I decide...
Sleeping in Separate Beds Can Actually Be Good for Couples
2 months ago
OK, don’t go packing your pillow up just yet, but hear me out on this one. Most people assume that couples who sleep in different beds are having relationship issues, whether it be in or out of the be...
6 Reasons I Love Drinking Wine with My Friends
2 months ago
I love wine. No, like I REALLY love wine. Best part is, I used to dislike wine, but then I met friends who loved wine and guess what, now I love wine. Up until last year I was always more of a vodka a...
5 Things Guys Will Never Admit To
3 months ago
Guys are funny creatures. Where women wear their hearts and emotions on their sleeves, men have a tendency to keep feelings and habits more hidden. I am not trying to stereotype at all, I am just spea...
10 Things No One Told Me About Life After Marriage
3 months ago
I once heard the secret to marriage is to never hate each other's guts at the exact same time. While this may sound harsh, after so many years of marriage, it's true. Sure, hate may be a bit extreme b...
Both Sexes Answer: What Women Want in a Man
4 months ago
That’s right, my peeps, it’s time for another Jus L'amore experiment. Recently, I discussed Top Male Turnoffs for Women, which illustrated five of the worst traits a man could possess according to wom...