Kai Sparks

I'm a queer kid in the middle of the South, so take that as you will. I'll try to mix it up a little, but no promises. 

Family Isn't Always Blood
9 months ago
You know, sometimes you meet the most amazing people by the most random of circumstances. They stumble into your life and make you laugh, even though sometimes you still wonder why they're friends wit...
I'm Ripped Apart
9 months ago
I keep writing and rewriting this piece, hoping to eventually find the strength to explain how much pain I'm in. How every, "I'm sorry," and, "Things will work out for the better," makes me feel like ...
'Hey, You're Gay!'
a year ago
Do you know how much easier life for me would have been if someone had sat me down when I was young and just said, “Hey, you’re going to grow up to be gay, and this is how you’re going to feel about i...