Karina Nistal

A lover of life...always thankful!

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Don't Give an Ugly Response
a year ago
The world can be ugly, but that doesn't mean you have to be. It's no surprise we come across people on a regular that can be downright ugly. They could be having a bad day or they could be in a bad mo...
True Love?
a year ago
I recently made a shocking discovery. I had been doing so much soul searching and I've taken so much time for self-discovery that I realized I had been suppressing some deep-rooted feelings. I had bee...
Friend Breakup
a year ago
I recently had a friend breakup. It's been one of the hardest breakups I've had. You never expect to get so attached to people, but then when you do, you don't realize it until it's over. In my case, ...
Living Single
a year ago
I don't know what it is nowadays, but it seems more and more of my friends are single.