Katherine M.

I love to write, I have many stories that are in progress, even though I haven't really finished anything of them yet.

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My Dream in a Story (Part Five)
9 months ago
Going back, after waiting for so long for the news about Shane, the doctor finally came out from the operating room where they were doing surgery on Shane to take the bullet out of him. “Ok, the famil...
My Dream in a Story (Part Four)
9 months ago
Going back, before it happened, Shane had already kissed Skylar goodnight and let her go onto the bus to go home. He waved at her one last time as it took off and he started walking home. On his way h...
My Dream in a Story (Part Three)
9 months ago
Once Derek got to Manny’s house, he knocked on the door. “Hey!” Manny said once he opened the door, “Hey!” Derek said, coming inside. “I need you to help me get Sky.” “Yea man.” Manny sat down on the ...
My Dream in a Story (Part Two)
9 months ago
So, while sitting at her desk daydreaming about her engagement, one of her coworkers that she is very cool with Sharon comes out of nowhere and scares her. “Skylar!” Skylar jumps and turns to her, “He...
My Dream in a Story
9 months ago
(I wrote everything in third person and changed the names of everyone in the story). “Will you marry me?” “Oh My Gosh! Yes, I’ll marry you” *She lets the ring slip into her finger and kisses the man o...
The Man I Thought That I Was Going to Be with Forever
10 months ago
I remember when I believed that I was going to be with one man for the rest of my life. He was my first love and I had truly believed that it was going to be a forever for us. But, of course, not ever...