Katheryn Compton

💃 || @peninnahcreations & @freedomdancerss || ❤ - Follower of Yeshua. Jewish Roots 🇮🇱 Traveler. Dancer. #FreeLancer. Artistic. Plant Based. 🌱🌴 Lover of life & all things beachy! 😻

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Trusting Again After Being Hurt
2 months ago
First, I am so sorry that it has been almost a week since my last post but life has been so crazy and stressful in the last week or two. I honestly had no motivation or creativity to write and felt a ...
Power Couple Qualities
3 months ago
I know a touched a little bit on power couple qualities in my last article, but I thought about it over the weekend and began to really think about what it means and looks like to have qualities of a ...
Two Is Better Than One: Power Couples
3 months ago
Today’s topic is a continuation of my relationship series, and I wanted to discuss something that has been on my mind recently. We constantly see so many couples that talk about being power couples, a...
Two Are Better than One: Community
3 months ago
You all, I am so guilty of isolating myself so much, it can be a little sickening. Anyone who knows me personally also knows that I am not much of a people person. I grew up in a big city where everyo...
Fix Your Crown & Know Your Worth
3 months ago
We all have a tendency to be people pleasers, especially to those closest to us. It seems that our most intimate relationship hold us to the highest standard, but sometimes, that standard is not all t...
Boundaries or Walls?
3 months ago
Boundaries are something that every human being needs. Whether you are in a relationship with someone or just simply friends, even family members need to have boundaries, as well as co-workers! Bounda...