Kathryn Donaldson

Hey! Here, you will find a series of stories which are based on actual events. Names & some details have been added or left out. That's for you to decipher. I hope you get inspired! Thanks for reading! Enjoy!

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Chapter 3: Pushed into the Arms of Another
8 days ago
Michelle had finally opened her eyes, she finally saw Chase's worth, and was FINALLY ready to put in the work for their relationship, but she was one second too late, and time wasn't on her side... si...
Chapter 2: Heartbreak Motel
8 days ago
Chase found himself on the bus, heartbroken and headed to a roach infested, weekly rate hotel, which he would call home for the next four weeks. Meanwhile... Michelle was staring at the screen of her ...
Broken Into Pieces
13 days ago
Why does it take us losing important people and significant things in order for us to appreciate them? Michelle had loved the way Chase loved her more than anything. The way he looked at her, sexed he...