Katie Dunham

Mom, Free Spirit, Humorist, Realist, Human
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Gossip, Lies, Truth, and Gospel
2 months ago
Dear Gossips, Gossip, who doesn’t love good juicy gossip? I am hooked on Ex-Wives of Rock for three reasons, first, those ladies are damn entertaining. Second, I sort of/on the outer echelon of, lived...
Welcome Class!
2 months ago
Dear Internet Users, Look I get it, for a long-time people didn’t have an outlet to air their grievances and what not and along comes the internet. We finally have an easy outlet for spreading the wor...
Can't We All Just Get Along?
3 months ago
Welcome to 2019, and the wild frontier known as the internet and social media. In this day and age we can capture everything, and post it to social media so we can all collectively unpack it. And boy ...