Katie Pevreall

Katie Pevreall is a freelance journalist. Previously Senior Editor at LIVEKINDLY she is currently pursuing an MA at Winchester University.

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Is Your Boyfriend a Secret Meninist?
8 months ago
My ex-boyfriend is a meninist. I didn't know this at the time, and, wisely, he never directly said this to me although sources suggest he was open about it in other social forums. I probably should ha...
Can You Be Gay and Straight at the Same Time?
8 months ago
The human experience is incredibly complex, and something that we fail to accurately define no matter how hard we try (and we do truly try to define everything.) As a society, it can sometimes feel as...
Everything You Need to Know About Being Non-Binary
8 months ago
Today (14th July) is international non-binary day and I had the privilege of interviewing musician Emma Johnson (This, May, Them) about her experience being non-binary in a binary world. Here's a litt...