Katie Thurston

MA English Literature student at the University of Warwick 

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A Note of My Gratitude
9 months ago
I've been wanting to write this one for a while, but have struggled in finding my starting point because it's something that I do not want to compose half-heartedly. For the past few days, I've found ...
Opening up Your Heart Again
9 months ago
Heartbreak. Even the mere sound of the word is enough for memories you have repressed for so long to flood back in to your mind and turn your rainbow lit skies jet black in an instant. Sweating. Convu...
Four Ways to Find Love
a year ago
It's crazy really - how even when you are so adamant that you are living your best life, you are completely blindsided by the fact that you're, in reality, doing it vicariously through somebody else. ...
The Art of Being Alone
a year ago
Today was always going to be a strange one for me - in fact I've spent the entirety of January somewhat anticipating this day, wondering what it will bring and how it will make me feel. After all the ...
A 365 Day Whirlwind
a year ago
I have always been aware of the inevitability of change, but there are certain things that feel so permanent in your life that you can never seem to prepare yourself for such a drastic shift. I starte...
Turning Your Heartbreak into Something Positive
a year ago
We've all been there, the air escaping your lungs as you watch "the one" walk away from your life as if your presence was merely just a convenience in their life, feeling as though each one of your 24...