Kayleigh Lynne

I'm just a girl, still trying to get things figured out. I'm opinionated, strong, weak, a lover, a fighter, a survivor, a warrior, and most of all, I've broken the old me, and become someone better. I'm here to tell my stories.

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The Mirror (Part 5)
a year ago
Where am I? What’s going on? Why is that light so bright? What happened? I don’t remember anything… What else is new. I must have blacked out again, didn’t I? What’s his name must have gotten worried....
The Mirror (Part 4)
a year ago
I lie on the bed, staring up at the ceiling, counting the tiles while he flails around on top of me. I guess I was attractive enough for him. I told him a few minutes ago that he was hurting me but it...
The Mirror (Pt 3)
a year ago
I look all around the room. The mirror is shattered. No matter what I do, it's shattered and I won't be able to put it back together. I won't be able to get the mirror back together. How do I get it b...
The Mirror (Part 2)
a year ago
I woke up to loud banging on the door. The police were there again. That must have meant I drank myself into oblivion again and he tried to call. I groaned a little and then got up, answering the door...
The Mirror
a year ago
I looked across the empty room into the mirror before lifting the bottle to my lips. Why even bother with the glass anymore? I know I'm going to drink the entire bottle. I let the bitter red wine into...
a year ago
I forgive you. You lied to me and to everyone else but you just wanted to seem more interesting didn't you? You were a scared child and you were trying to hide the things going on at home. You didn't ...