Kennedy Kovalick

21 years old. English major. 

Just trying to, like, realize things. 

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Am I in Love with My Best Friend?
8 months ago
My best friend and I met my freshman year of high school, and we have been inseparable since. Kinda. We met online on some weird app that was popular back in 2011, you know, when everyone still had an...
Learning to Be Single
8 months ago
I have not been single for longer than a month since my senior year of high school. I am going to be 21 soon and I think it might be time to start learning to be single again. I have been with three b...
Too Bad I Love You
8 months ago
I thought I met the love of my life in November 2015. We were 18. I was fresh out of high school and ready to take on the world. Our mutual friend hooked us up, claiming we'd be "best friends if we me...
How to Choose a Roommate for Clean Freaks
8 months ago
Moving out on your own for the first time. Wow. You did it. You saved up enough money for two months rent (for the entire apartment) and found a roommate; you're as ready as can be. My coworker and I ...