Kyle Kong

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Chivalry Is Dead...Or Is It?
2 months ago
In this "hook-up" culture we live in now, it's no surprise that chivalry is completely dead. Perhaps my parents were old fashioned, maybe growing up in a tight-knit family resulted in me learning diff...
Yes, Your Pain Is Real
9 months ago
The pain of going through a heartbreak is not only emotional, it can oftentimes be physical as well. Maybe you feel like your heart is quite literally breaking or perhaps you're experiencing other pai...
Breakups Are Normal
9 months ago
I'm going to tell you something that doesn't get said very often these days, breakups are normal. Yes, you read that correctly, breakups are completely normal. There's no shame in going through a brea...
The Truth About Cheating
10 months ago
Today, we're going to be talking about what happens when someone cheats on you. But regardless of whether or not you've been cheated on, this will help you move forward after a breakup in a healthier ...