Lauryn Thomas

Words, words, words, all the power of words~

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6 months ago
"You asshole!" I watch from behind a tree as the girl screeches at him, his face a picture of disinterest. "Calm down, you're going to upset other people," he said with a sigh and she spat at his feet...
The Choice
9 months ago
“If someone gave you a gun, and told you to shoot either me or your brother, who would you shoot?” His voice was challenged as he peered up at me with a cocked brow. I glance up at him, stood across t...
He Doesn't Believe in Love
9 months ago
“I love you.” He stares at me and his brows lower. “Really now?” He grumbles, beginning to sit up from his place partially underneath me. The morning air makes him shiver only making the cold look in ...