LeAnn Murch

Just a crazy woman trying to survive the madness of life.
One bossy bitch with lots to say. Tattoo and music junkie. I'm socially awkward so I do my best speaking through my finger tips.

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A Year Is a Lifetime When Tragedy Is Happening
6 days ago
We never see the changes as they're happening; it's when we look back that we notice how different things are. A year doesn't seem like a lot of time, but when things are happening, whether they're go...
Lonely Heartache
2 months ago
If you've read my prior work than you know I'm anti-love, anti-relationships, anti-kids, anti-everything basically. I have a tendency to push everyone and everything away. I don't want people to be em...
Best Friends
6 months ago
Friendship is the weirdest thing ever, you pick a person and you bring them into your life, share all your deepest darkest secrets with them and treat them better than you treat your own family. It's ...
Stalking Your Ex
8 months ago
I'm almost positive everyone has stalked a lover at some point in their life and if you haven't I give props to you for having such strong will power. My friends and I make an adventure out of it, we ...
The One That Got Away
8 months ago
If you're over the age of 25 you most likely have a story about the one that got away, I know I sure do and I think about it constantly. I'm always wondering what would've happened if we actually did ...
The Disposables
8 months ago
A lot of people believe everyone is meant for someone. I've always wondered if this statement is true. They say we all have a soulmate, someone we're meant to spend eternity with but I don't think tha...