LeAnn Murch

Just a crazy woman trying to survive the madness of life.
One bossy bitch with lots to say. Tattoo and music junkie. I'm social awkward so I do my best speaking through my finger tips. Enjoy my writings

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Stalking Your Ex
16 days ago
I'm almost positive everyone has stalked a lover at some point in their life and if you haven't I give props to you for having such strong will power. My friends and I make an adventure out of it, we ...
The One That Got Away
a month ago
If you're over the age of 25 you most likely have a story about the one that got away, I know I sure do and I think about it constantly. I'm always wondering what would've happened if we actually did ...
The Disposables
a month ago
A lot of people believe everyone is meant for someone. I've always wondered if this statement is true. They say we all have a soulmate, someone we're meant to spend eternity with but I don't think tha...
Dear Future Husband
2 months ago
Hey Honey, If you're reading this that means you have an interest in me and you're wondering how to go about asking me out. So I decided to write a letter to the man who plans on marrying me, which ho...
Love, No Thanks
2 months ago
This is one topic I absolutely hate yet here I am writing about it. Why, must you ask? Well, because I don't quite understand why people choose love in the first place. Don't get me wrong, I know love...
I Hate Kids
2 months ago
I know once you start dating after the age of 30 you're most likely to become a step parent. My problem is I hate kids, I can't stand them at all whatsoever. I'm not cut out to be a parent, I was prob...