Lena Bailey

Believe in the paranormal, learn to love each other and be kind. 

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Sugar Baby/Daddy Myths
3 months ago
There are so many misconceptions about sugar. A lot of them are based on what people see on TV. Other myths are spread by people who think they know stuff, but they don't. People think it's easy or al...
Communication in Relationships
3 months ago
If you talk to anyone who's been married or with their significant other for awhile, they will probably tell you that the most important thing in a relationship is communication. The biggest thing is ...
Real-Life Date Stories
5 months ago
I want to tell real stories in any kind of dynamics or relationships. I may change names and such to protect identities. I will also add in my own. So, in this story I will call the guy Tripp and the ...
Relationships or Dynamics
5 months ago
A dynamic and a relationship are similar things. Dynamics are sometimes a type of relationship. The difference between a relationship and a dynamic is that a relationship includes more than just sex a...
Dating or Single and the Holidays
9 months ago
It's nearing the holidays and I wanted to give my advice on how to handle this time of year while dating, single or in a relationship. I will tell you some of the basics you need to know. The first th...
When to Walk Away From a Relationship
a year ago
I'm all for fighting for a relationship but the relationship has to be one to fight for. It has to be healthy and benefit both partners. I'm the queen of staying longer than I should. The people in th...