LJ Chaplin

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24, poet/writer, UK

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3 Signs To Show You're Comfortable In Your Relationship
2 years ago
It is no surprise that when we enter a new relationship we try to be the greatest versions of ourselves. We try to give only the best impressions to court our future significant other. It’s only human...
A Different Version of You & Chameleon Sky
2 years ago
Just something I want to share. Writing poetry is my passion, and I feel this would be an amazing opportunity to share my work here. The poem itself was inspired by my partner. He had hit a wall in hi...
Me, My Lover & Anxiety
2 years ago
It is an odd feeling to be in love and feel like the luckiest man on Earth, only for it to be closely watched by the hungry eyes of your own anxiety. It is there constantly, poking and prodding at you...