Lonely Allie .

21 year-old sociology and sexuality student trying to change the world. Nothing more, Nothing less.

Montreal based, LG[B]TQ+, Pro-Black Feminist.

You can find me at @lonelyallie almost everywhere.

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Prisoners of the "+"
4 months ago
They are non-binary, she is aromantic. She is pansexual, he is asexual. Together, they are the "+." Without them, the "+" cannot exist. However, it keeps them silent and invisible. Even if multiple pe...
The Colours of the Rainbow
4 months ago
As the common world becomes more and more accepting of differences of all sorts, the LGBTQ+ community is more and more accepted as a part of modern society and media. We can now watch TV shows and mov...
5 Types of White Guys You Will Date as a Black Girl
4 months ago
If you’re a brown girl who’s into guys, you probably know what I’ll be talking about here. Coming from a predominantly white area with a past of internalized racism, your quest for the approval of the...