LP Steinbeck

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"Real Love" Part One
a month ago
Real Love "All I want is to give my love, all of it, to someone. I really want that perfect love life. I guess it took me a while to understand what it means when they say 'settling down'; and that it...
"The Apology"
2 months ago
The light on my phone lit up: the only indicator of an incoming call, keeping it quiet so the roommate may watch baseball undisturbed. It was my newly acquired friend, Mike, but I missed the call, so ...
Peeps and Onions
6 months ago
When I left the hospital after my husband's death, I knew I walked away without part of my soul. Marriage vows say, "as long as we both shall live," or the equivalent. I will tell you, those words wer...
Laundry and Loss
8 months ago
Late last night I was posting some hand-written index cards and flyers and I met a lady in our local laundromat. I was just going to pin my papers and leave, but this lady was kind, she was friendly. ...