Lu Groblebe

I'm a writer. It's how I express words and feelings I can't say. It's where I feel most at home. I'm an author and a graphic designer as well so snippets of my teasers and novels will make it on this site too.

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The Fine Line
4 days ago
When someone walks out of your life, there's a fine line between the people who are worth fighting for and the ones to let go of. We see a lot of quotes on social media about letting go of anyone who ...
The Game Is Over
9 days ago
When my ex, Kevin, left me I had a really difficult time accepting the end. I experienced fits of rage, often toward people who didn't deserve it. It was almost like my mind was subconsciously digging...
Love: Feeling or Choice?
11 days ago
I don't believe that a romantic relationship that is intended to last a lifetime can depend on something as frivolous as feelings. Feelings change rapidly. We all know this and we see it in every area...
The Call of the Heart
a month ago
Heartbreak. It's used figuratively to describe the pain associated with a loss but it's an all consuming vacuum for those who have experienced it. I myself being one, and I've watched many of my frien...
Loving Yourself, and Them
10 months ago
There's a strong debate over the topic of lack of self love versus a person's ability to love another person. Can a person who hates themselves have intense feelings they interpret as love for another...
Choose You
2 years ago
Abuse. It isn't found in only romantic partnerships, though that is the cliche. It's found in familial relationships, friendships. Just one experience is poisonous. If surrounded by too much of it, it...