Lynn Hamieh

I'm a big otaku honestly XD I also have a passion for music and want to make the most out of my life!

10 Signs You Are Your Friend's Tool
8 months ago
Unfortunately, in life, we have to deal with those fake friends who want us for what we have instead of who we are, whether it be money, intelligence or even your social circle. Here below are a few signs you're dealing with what I like to call a fake snake.
8 Things Guys Do That Turn Girls Off
a year ago
I've done "8 Things Girls Do That Turn Guys Off," and thought of doing the same on the opposite spectrum. As a guy, you may be confused about what girls like and what they don't. But whatever you do, stay away from these 8 dating strategies, because I promise, girls will run away faster than you can say "Huh?"
8 Things Girls Do That Turn Guys Off
a year ago
Whether you're married for five years, or just got in a relationship, some things that might be common for you as a female, will turn guys off faster than you can imagine. But what are those irritable pet peeves? Stay tuned to see which moves irritate your guy and how to avoid them!