M R Britton

My life is a beautiful mess. I’ve tried writing half a dozen novels. I fought mental illness with a friend; she won but we didn’t survive. I almost got married at 23 & now at 25 my life has become a series of introductions with myself. 

3 months ago
And What We Forget
I Almost Got Married at 23
a year ago
Where do you begin when you’re talking about an ending? Do you start at "the before" when you were alone before the love you lost? Do you start in "the after," when you knew (thought) he was the one? ...
On Loneliness
a year ago
I am tired. The night seems to come so early and the cold seeps through the floors. Two cats are my company, but I am alone. I don’t know why those words seem to sting. Perhaps I am still too new to c...