Maria Starakov

I like to write novels, sometimes. Every time I feel inspired, I feel complete.

What helps me write is music and films; it keeps me steady. 

GFA Student.

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WildTeenSeries (Pt. 4)
5 months ago
I wake up too early the next day feeling a bit strange. I start showering and getting ready to go to school as I hear my mother doing so as well. "Good morning, you beat me!" my mother says as she not...
WildTeenSeries (Pt. 3)
5 months ago
The first period arrives and Mrs. Tillman, our English teacher, has some exciting news as she reveals it on the dashboard. "Okay class, today has come and every one of you is to be part of the cast of...
WildTeenSeries (Pt. 2)
5 months ago
Waking up to the bacon aroma sizzling from the kitchen was something I could use right now. My mother gets up early on Saturdays simply because she runs errands, does breakfast, and cleans the, house....
5 months ago
I've always dreamed of being popular in school, especially in high school. Being situated at this school and upgrading my friend circle throughout the end of junior high was pretty wicked. Plus my sis...