Mathilde Clemence Personne

Life Coach in New York City

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Because a Relationship Has to Be a Fair Game
2 days ago
Affection, attraction, trust, intimacy, love, true love, lust, crush, infatuation, obsession, passion, and compassion are all part of life. You experience them at some point throughout the years—but h...
When You Are in Love with a Particular Person
11 days ago
There is one person out there who has the ability to make you feel some emotions you have never experienced before and this, with anyone else. You are all in the know that love is not just a perfect r...
What It Is Like to Fall for a Close Friend
23 days ago
What is better than having a sincere friendship with the opposite gender? That is right: Nothing. While some people firmly believe two people of the opposite sex can share a great bond, the others hav...
A Combination of Different Feels
24 days ago
Having a crush on someone makes you feel amazingly good. Not only it makes you feel happy, but it also makes you feel powerful. Alas no, none of you is going to turn into any Marvel hero, but any of y...