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Befriending the Opposite Gender... Yes, No, Maybe So? (Part II)
11 days ago
Having a friend of the opposite gender is just amazing. They are those people you can share almost anything you want with, but mostly your romantic life, and you can ask for advice regarding dates and...
In the End, a Phrase Is Just a Phrase
23 days ago
Three-words-eight-letters—what a challenge! For some reason, it's one of the hardest phrases to say. This doesn't mean you don't love anyone, but something makes you think you are too bashful to say i...
Befriending the Opposite Gender... Yes, No, Maybe So? (Part I)
a month ago
Friendship—one of the best relationships that can be experienced. In comparison with your family that you can't choose, this one is a game of chance: Either you're getting along well with the members,...
Because a Relationship Has to Be a Fair Game
2 months ago
Affection, attraction, trust, intimacy, love, true love, obsession, passion, and compassion—you experience all of these feelings at some point throughout the years. They are part of life, and they are...
The Amazing Experience of Being Head over Heels
3 months ago
There is one person out there who has the ability to make you feel some emotions you have never experienced before and this, with anyone else. You are all in the know that love cannot be just a perfec...
Being Smitten with Someone
3 months ago
Having a crush on someone makes you feel amazingly good. Not only does it makes you feel happy, but it also makes you feel powerful. Alas no, none of you is going to turn into any Marvel hero, but any...