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The 8 Ways to Make Them Realize You Genuinely Care About Them
2 months ago
A word is a word, a sound is a sound, but what really matters are the different speeches and actions that show your intention and attention to that someone you sincerely adore. Nobody can force you to say it, but hopefully, there are plenty of other ways to prove you do care about them...
Befriending the Opposite Gender... Yes, No, Maybe So in 10 Points (Part 2)
2 months ago
Having a friend of the opposite gender is just amazing. They are those people you can share almost anything you want with, and mostly your romantic life. Indeed, it's the kind of ideal relationship when both are on the same wavelength, and do not expect anything else from each other. That being said, if you feel a deep, deep attraction to your friend, but decide to ignore that sign anyway, it opens the doors to a nice confused and frustrating relationship in the future...
Befriending the Opposite Gender... Yes, No, Maybe So in 10 Points (Part 1)
3 months ago
Building a relationship with someone who is a stranger to you in the first place is somewhat amazing. You do it because you feel like it, but you mostly do it because you know there is a specific connection with this specific someone. As a result, you end up being friends with men and women, and this happens no matter your gender. That’s when the first question pops up: How can a woman and a man be friends?
The 15 Aspects Experienced when You Are Head Over Heels
4 months ago
That person makes you feel a bunch of pleasant feelings. They make you feel like you don't have to worry about anything, and it feels good. You are just peaceful and comfortable when they stand next t...
The 10 Curious Steps of Being Smitten With Someone
5 months ago
Not only does it make you feel happy, but it also makes you feel powerful. Alas no, none of you is going to turn into any Marvel hero, but many of you still feel empowered. The truth is, even if you a...