Matthew Trundle

A fan of film and tv aspiring to be a somewhat good writer. 

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A Technical Analysis of 'Me and Earl and the Dying Girl's' Ending
9 months ago
Throughout my analysis, I will be exploring the effect camera and sound have on the audience of the film Me and Earl and the Dying Girl and how it generates both meaning and a reaction within the view...
This Is His Life
9 months ago
Recently I have found myself beholden to no one and nothing. Alone. Without any thought paid towards me. Everyone has left me behind here, friends passing on, family relationships strained. It was onl...
The Raw Power of 'Blue Valentine'
9 months ago
There is an increasing trend within film and television in displaying a broken relationship in cold distant camera shots showing the separation between the leads form before us. However, Blue Valentin...
Away from Him
9 months ago
I wake to the presence of his touch on my shoulder. I move myself ever so slightly so that I can shrug him off without causing disturbance if he is still resting. His hand slips and falls onto the mat...