Maurice Bernier

I am a diehard New Yorker! I was born, raised and love my NYC. My blood bleeds orange & blue for my New York Mets. I hope that you like my work. I am cranking them out as fast as I can. Please enjoy & share with your friends.

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Racism and My Love Life
2 days ago
Life is strange. That is the only way I can sum it up. It has been strange as far as I can recall. Things happen. I honestly get that. It’s just that things happen for no apparent reason and I cat fig...
Who Am I? I Am the Joker!!!
7 days ago
Picture this scene. It is a nice school day at an awesome high school in January of 1974. As you walk through the hallways to get from class to class, a number of students who know you (even though yo...
Dealing with the Bull
13 days ago
Hi, folks! Before you start reading this, I just want to let you off the hook. This article is NOT about pretty women or basketball. So, if you looked at this picture and said "YES," understand that y...
The Hell in My Wall Gang
14 days ago
Yeah! You read that right. For the last many years of my life, I had to live through the hell that seems to be emanating from my walls. Not too long ago, way back in 1958, I needed to leave the hustle...
A Letter to My One and Only Love
2 months ago
123 Any Street Anywhere City, USA 00000 February 1, 2019 Dear Beloved Angel of My Heart, Allow me to say something to you that I should have said such a long, long time ago. I LOVE YOU! I STILL DO AND...
5 months ago
Sometimes, a number is just a number... and sometimes it's not. 803!!!! Prior to the summer of 1972, I was just as significant to me as any other number out there. In other words, it meant nothing at ...