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If You’re Successful Are You Obligated to Take Care of Family and Friends?
3 months ago
In a clip from the new episode of LeBron James and Maverick Carter’s HBO show The Shop, the question “When it comes to like family and friends, do we really owe them?” was posed by Carter. Meek Mill answered, “I don’t owe nobody sh*t.” He went on to say, “If you give your cousin 10,000, what you gone give your aunt? 20, because she babysitted you?” Other guests like 2 Chainz and Jerrod Carmichael chimed in, bringing up the stress that comes with being responsible for taking care of others and fu...
At Least 1 in 6 Males Has Been Sexually Assaulted in Their Lifetimes
5 months ago
I recently came across a Facebook post containing a photo of a young woman "twerking" on a male infant. Much to my surprise, the Facebook community found it amusing and I was utterly disgusted. This p...