Michaela Brenham

Hello all! I am a stay at home mom with a young'n. I love to write and would love any feedback given! You can also follow me on Instagram @alternative_hippie ! 

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Great Love or Soul Mate?
14 days ago
Some people say you only get one great love in your life, maybe that’s true for some, but not for all. I think you can have many great loves, but only one true love. I didn’t use to think this, I was ...
What Not to Do After a Breakup
21 days ago
A few years ago I was in the relationship of my dreams, with a man who was perfect. He was the love of my life and we were gloriously happy. He was the one who I fully believed I was going to spend th...
Polyamorous in a Monogamous Relationship
2 months ago
Let's just start this off by saying I'm not one of those polygamist's that believe in marrying 5 people and living in some sort of weird cult world. This isn't Sister Wives; I believe that, like all m...
The One Who Shook My World
4 months ago
The way we fell in love, it was like a movie. Not like those where you spot someone from across the room and know they are the one you want to grow old with. No, this was a slow-growing overwhelming s...