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I'm mostly an editorial writer. I love to share my opinions and experiences. I don't hold back and I swear so if you take offense easily, my articles probably aren't for you. I'm a single mom just trying to stay sane.  

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To the Best Friend Who Wasn't There for Me
15 hours ago
I have a ton of friends. Only a handful do I consider close, true friends. When I got pregnant, I lost a lot of friends that I never thought would leave my life. But, I'm thankful that I got to see th...
To Those Who Don't Consider Their Hometown "Home"
9 days ago
With the holidays coming up it's hard not to think about going "home" for the holidays. But not all of us consider our hometown to be "home." The town I grew up in was a prison for me, not always. It ...
Being Single Is Horrible
19 days ago
Being a single is horrible. Not because being single is awful. Being single is an amusing and amazing time. It gives you the opportunity to relearn yourself and to determine who you want to be. Many h...
30 Journal Entries to Self-Discovery - Day 5
2 months ago
Hey, Y'all! Happy day five! It's weird, right? This is weird. I've never done a daily follow along blog post. It's always been one article on one topic. So this is so weird for me. However, I'm really...
Friends from the Block
2 months ago
It's the fall of 2002. I pull on my flare jeans and my Rugrats t-shirt and grab my bike and walk next door. My best friend's mom answers the door and I ask if her kids can come outside and play. It wa...
Are Women REALLY the Crazy Ones?
3 months ago
I have been called the crazy girlfriend. I mean, honestly, what girl hasn't? But are we really the crazy ones? Granted, I am known to fly into bitch mode when things get out of control and I'm the fir...