Michelle Schultz

I'm mostly an editorial writer. I love to share my opinions and experiences. I don't hold back and I swear so if you take offense easily, my articles probably aren't for you. I'm a single mom just trying to stay sane.  

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Breaking All My Dating Rules
13 days ago
I am a single mom. If you've read any of my other articles, you already know this. After I had my daughter, dating was put on the back burner... for a long time. It never came first. Sure, there were ...
Don't Find Someone to Grow Old with
2 months ago
When we were little we watched TV shows like the Brady Bunch and pictured the perfect life. The perfect tall, handsome husband with a full time job, who came home every night on time and the wife woul...
Leaving the Party for Church
2 months ago
"Hey, why are you leaving the party so early?" "I have to get up for church in the morning." It's not something you hear very often among the 20-something crowd. But when you ask me why I'm leaving a ...
To the Best Friend Who Wasn't There for Me
2 months ago
I have a ton of friends. Only a handful do I consider close, true friends. When I got pregnant, I lost a lot of friends that I never thought would leave my life. But, I'm thankful that I got to see th...
To Those Who Don't Consider Their Hometown "Home"
3 months ago
With the holidays coming up it's hard not to think about going "home" for the holidays. But not all of us consider our hometown to be "home." The town I grew up in was a prison for me, not always. It ...
Being Single Is Horrible
3 months ago
Being a single is horrible. Not because being single is awful. Being single is an amusing and amazing time. It gives you the opportunity to relearn yourself and to determine who you want to be. Many h...