Michelle Werbeck


insta: shellabella2000

Freshman Year of College
3 months ago
Tomorrow starts the beginning of exam week, which means my freshman year of college will be coming to a close and I can honestly say I’m both happy and sad. This year has come with so many challenges ...
We Were 15
6 months ago
Everybody has a first heartbreak. Most people experience this in high school or their first year of college. Mine was no different than that. My first sign should’ve been the way it started. Do you kn...
I Promise
7 months ago
The waitress took our plates away from us as we sat and talked to one another in the restaurant. It was a small restaurant with dim lighting. An older couple was sitting at the table next to us smilin...
Shoe Collection
8 months ago
My shoe obsession started when I was 16 and directly coincided with my boy obsession. It all started with my first boyfriend Joshua. He told me that he was no good and had a dark heart and I chose to ...
3 Senses
10 months ago
The first time I met her we were both in a coffee shop. She smelled of honeydew and summer time. Her laugh was like a sunrise. It started out deep and dark and then slowly grew into a bright shining b...
10 months ago
His fingers ran through my hair so smoothly and I could feel his heartbeat quickening. The light in his eyes became brighter as he shifted closer to me in his truck. His lips looked soft and I wanted ...