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I claim this space as my corner of the net to express my deepest feelings and most sentimental thoughts. Not all opinions shared will be popular, thus the pseudonym. But it is my hope that others (if only one) can connect to my strife.

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Dating: Casual or for Marriage?
14 days ago
Imagine living in the home of your dreams. It’s 9 AM, you’ve just opened your eyes, and you roll over in bed to grab your phone from the bedside table. Only a few new emails and social media updates. ...
5 Things Your Introvert Friends Want You to Know
22 days ago
You recognize us. We’re your “boring” friends. The ones most often to reject an invitation for a night out, spontaneously ghost on you for the weekend, and avoid small talk at all costs. We are your i...
Your Husband Is Cheating on Us
a month ago
If you were to ask my closest friends, colleagues, and mentors to use one word to describe me, they may respond with “reserved,” “responsible,” “diligent,” and “honest.” A laundry list of characterist...
Not the Right Kind of Black
a month ago
We all carry with us memories and secrets that we solemnly swear to ourselves no one will ever know about. There is an inescapable amount of shame connected to these pieces of our lives and we hold ou...