Milica Marković

I'm just your average, everyday word chimp that loves entertainment media and anything creative! I'll also occasionally dabble in other spheres. I maintain this portal entirely for fun - Happy Reading!

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Observations in a Coffee Shop
4 days ago
For this observation assignment, I have decided to make my field notes at the tables in front of the Tim Horton’s. I used the method of covert observation to study people in their natural state withou...
Complicated Relationships Can Be Good for Us
11 days ago
Whether in love or searching for love, people usually have a set of expectations for what they want out of a relationship, depending on what they find suitable in every unique scenario. Those who have...
When Is It Okay to Be Unhelpful?
6 months ago
This question is a weird one coming from me, because I'm usually the type of person who is willing to help anyone at any time no matter what the circumstance. It's just how I am; ask any of my friends...
Embracing Masculinity and Femininity
a year ago
Virtually everything in our society is gendered. Whether it is a product or notion, every social, psychological, economic and political aspect of our culture perpetuates gender indicators that are tai...