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Topics About Love
4 months ago
What happens when you come to terms with your feelings: Most, if not all people will have their own way of coping with falling in love. Here, I'll explain mine: I do absolutely nothing about it. Exter...
Topics About Fate
5 months ago
Are we truly destined to be with one person? We often hear the saying, "You only fall in love once in your lifetime," and yet most, if not all people fall in love at least more than once in their live...
Friendships that Don't Last: My Thoughts
5 months ago
The only thing that separates friendship from romance is the degree to which people are intimate with one another, especially where having children together is concerned. Otherwise, I reckon that frie...
Nerdiness: Was It Ever Niche to Begin With?
5 months ago
It took me many years to get over the fact that labels are just that: labels. They don't have to define anything unless we want them to, and they certainly don't have to be the be-all and end-all of e...
"Comfortable Silence" Is a Real Thing
5 months ago
Have you ever been on a date or out with a friend, and the two of you somehow ran out of things to talk about? You must have felt awkward. You were probably thinking, "Isn't the point of socializing, ...
Being Blunt: What Are the Boundaries?
5 months ago
I was inspired to write this post by two people I've known at different times in my life who were often described as being blunt, but otherwise well-meaning friends. The truth is, neither one of these...